Under-Occupancy Part one: The Costs

The Costs of Under-Occupancy It is estimated that there are 8 million under-occupied households in England, or to put it in to perspective, 36.5% of the total households in England are under-occupying their home.  Given the big housing and financial crisis England is facing the Governments introduction of Housing Benefit regulations, as set out in … Continue reading

No justice for the poor.

Today I heard some sad news.  From April 2013 my local Citizens Advice Bureau will be without its caseworkers.  The sole reason: Legal Aid funding will not be renewed.  And why not? Because the Coalition cut the part of the Legal Aid scheme that funded social welfare law. The caseworkers at my local CAB specialise … Continue reading

Jobcentre Minus.

Ever since my first contact with Jobcentre Plus I have wanted to write a blog post about it and Channel 4s Dispatches have given me the motivation to actually do it. I don’t know if any of you saw Dispatches this evening, but if you did you would have seen a programme which basically highlighted … Continue reading

Make Work Pay.

I personally do not think Mr Cameron is good at many things, but one thing I believe he is good at, and will give him credit for, is his ability to manipulate and to pit people against each other, namely the ‘young vs the elderly’. But where Cameron has been most successful in doing this … Continue reading

Originally posted on the void:
Brendan O’Neill is a knob.  A professional troll, his ‘edgy’ contrarian views are no more than Kevin the Teenager style outbursts at what he has decided in his little mind represents the British left. Most Jeremy Clarkson wannabes like O’Neill are reduced to scrawling letters to their local council in…

Is the NHS really too expensive?

I am, unsurprisingly, a fan of our National Health Service and think it is something we should be proud of. It is the one truly egalitarian institution we have, where anyone, regardless of ability, can access healthcare free at the point of use. It therefore surprises me when I see so many people criticising it … Continue reading